Adamas Strings for acoustic bass Phosphor Bronze 45-105

25,48  (191,98 kn)

  • The legendary Adamas Phosphor Bronze strings, now as historic reissue in the original specifications from 1980.
  • New eco-friendly packaging, old-fashioned design
  • Re-issued with the original specifications: solid brass ball-end
  • High-end premium strings, special alloy
  • shrink-wrapped against tarnishing
  • with ADAMAS label
  • For E acoustic basses with scale length 34″ = 864mm.
  • Original strings for Ovation and Adamas guitar: 012 set 1818
  • 5300ML: Set 4-string Medium-Light .040w .060w .080w .100w
  • Complete set of assorted single strings delivered under Art.-Nr. 669.625-669.632


Set 4-string med 5300M