GEWA Violin Maestro 2 45386


European tone wood, hand selected
Solid, well flamed EUROPEAN maple back and sides
Selected solid EUROPEAN spruce top
Fine spirit hand lacquer finish
Gold-red-brown colouring, ANTIQUE
Inserted purfling
Ebony fittings
Original Aubert “Mirecourt” luthier’s bridge
Wittner fine tuning tailpiece (optional
see above)
Larsen Il Cannone strings at 4/4 / Larsen Aurora strings at 3/4 – 1/4 (optional
see above)
Ebony chinrest
Rosin (optional
see above)
Massaranduba / Carbon bow / GEWA Baron bow / GEWA Carbon bow Advanced with natural hair (optional
see above)
Violin shaped case / violin case with screw-on cover, backpack strap and reflectors (optional
see above) or GEWA BIO violin shaped case / GEWA BIO violin case with music pocket
Slight colour deviation possible due to hand varnishing
Not ready to play: without label
all other versions with label
If desired “without label”: Info requested

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