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Frequency response 38 – 120Hz ±3dB
32 – 120Hz ±6dB
Internal DSP presets
      High pass Mode 1 70Hz
      High pass Mode 2 100Hz
      High pass Mode 3 120Hz

Max. SPL 139dB

Directivity Omni directional

Transducers Double 15” Cone 4″ Voice-coil

Power handling AES RMS/peak 1400W / 2800W

Acoustical Principal Vented

Amplifier Integrated: 2 powerstages, 2-channel PWM amplifiers in bridge-mode
   Power Supply SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) with power factor correction (PFC)
   DSP 32-bit, floating point, 192 kHz Sampling frequency
   Filter Technology IIR and FIR filters, delay adjustments, contour filters and x-over

Power input/output/link powerCON in/out 110-240V 50-60Hz
Signal input/output/link XLR3-F Analog/AES-EBU autoswitch
RJ45 Ethernet 1G T Base for DANTE™ Audio Networking and KS AUDIO Remote Control

Dimensions (H x W x D) 820 x 440 x 660 mm
32.2 x 17.3 x 25.9”

Weight 61 kg
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Despite its small frame size, the CPD W2 reproduces the lowest frequencies in an accurate as well as powerful way.

The construction is classic – 2 × 15′′ vented cabinet design of superior quality.

What makes the CPD W2 very special are two high-capacity long-excursion speakers with 100mm voice coils and fiber-reinforced membranes, as well as the construction of the waveguide for frequencies in the range of 40Hz.

The cabinet is inside divided into two independent chambers that suppress standing waves and wall resonances efficiently. At the same time, operating reliability is increased since the two speakers are acoustically dampened separately. However, the ventilation ports apply to both chambers, which results in a higher sensitivity and lower distortion levels due to the minor flow velocity at the tunnel walls.

The slim appearance of CPD W2 makes it either particularly suitable for applications with limited room availability or smart integration into a wall niche or stage portal. Furthermore, explicit the tall enclosure design simplifies lifting mid-high cabinets onto an optimum stacking height.

In the CPD W2 a DSP controlled amplifier is embedded as a slide-in module in the rear panel. It provides the required performance, response correction and safe protection for the loudspeaker. The power stage is designed to be particularly efficient and works without cooling fans, using “cold” PWM technology. The wide-range switching power supply is capable of handling all AC voltages between 110V and 240V. The inrush current is limited by electronic control. Connection is provided via PowerCon F+M connectors which allow daisy-chaining, e.g. to the full-range speaker.

The symmetrical input has XLR F+M connectors. There are 2 channels avail- able, so that the bass content from a stereo signal can be reproduced via a single mono woofer. Another special feature is the automatic recognition and changeover of a pending digital audio signal according to AES/EBU standard. Apart from the power switch, the following additional control elements are available: buttons for “sensitivity” for individual adaptation to the operating site, for delay settings in m and ms, low-pass filter or selection of the digital audio channel. The settings are clearly legible on self-luminous displays.

Further settings, such as a parametric equalizer, can be downloaded and saved via integrated Ethernet switch by the KS REMOTE software.