Brings every concert to life.

 •   Transducers  LF: 12″ ND cone
 HF: 3″ ND Titanium diaphragm
 •   SPL max  138dB
 •   Integrated electronics  2-channel amplifier with  FIRTEC™ DSP
 •   Dispersion  H: 60° Long Throw
 V: 40° Long Throw
 •   Bandwidth  75-19.000Hz ±3dB
 •   Weight  45 kg | 99 lbs
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The CPD 1214 completes the KS AUDIO CPD-Series with an excellent Horn loaded-system. Due to its horn loaded coaxial arrangement of the low-mid chassis and mid-high driver the directivity is well balanced for long throw applications.

This means that with a standard two-speaker setup, the audience in close proximity to the speakers will enjoy the same audio quality and definition as those further away.

Both the 12′′ high efficiency low-mid speaker and the 3′′ diaphragm compression driver have strong but light Neodymium-Magnets. The 3′′ membrane of the compression driver consist of a special aluminum alloy that has a clearly reduced distortion factor in comparison to a titanium membrane. With the CPD 1214, KS AUDIO has responded to the demanding needs of the professional operator with a universal, loudspeaker with the highest audio quality in a compact size

In the CPD 1214, a DSP controlled amplifier is embedded as a slide-in module in the rear panel. It provides the required performance, response correction and safe protection for the loudspeaker. The power stage works with a high degree of efficiency and requires no – often disturbing – cooling fans. The wide-range switching power supply is capable of handling all AC voltages between 110V and 240V. The inrush current is limited by electronic control. Connection is provided via PowerCon F+M connectors which allow daisy-chaining, e.g. to the subwoofer. The digital differential crossover and filter stages are precisely matched to the loudspeakers. An FIR filter, individually tuned for each speaker, provides

an unsurpassed equality of the systems. The symmetrical input has XLR F+M connectors.

A special feature is the automatic recognition and switchover for an incoming digital audio signal according to the AES/EBU standard.. In addition to the mains switch, the following controls are available: volume adjustment, EQ settings for individual adaptation to the location, delay in m and ms, a high-pass filter and a selection of the digital audio channel AES/EBU 1 or 2 and DANTE™ (optional!). The settings are clearly readable on a self-luminous displays.

Further settings, such as a parametric equalizer, can be downloaded and saved via the integrated Ethernet switch by the KS REMOTE software. There are many applications in which the CPD 1214 can be used: Live-stage Music, in large rooms or tents, in large clubs and usually always with support for the low frequencies with one of the many KS AUDIO subwoofers, we recommend the CPD WH Subwoofer.

The CPD 1214 is equally suited for standard stacking, as well as flying-assemblies with the integrated RIG C flying-system.

The speaker cabinet construction is, like all KS AUDIO systems, built from birch plywood with an extremely robust charcoal colored Polyurethane coating. At your request the finish can be changed to any desired color from the RAL color charts.

4 sturdy wheels, handles, and a protective steel grill, with or without acoustic foam, are further features of this high-quality product.

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