3 152,96  (23 755,98 kn)

  • 6-ply maple / poplar shell
  • 30° bearing edge
  • Gretsch ‘Silver Sealer’ inner shell coating
  • Gretsch ‘302’ Hoops, double flanged 3 mm steel hoops
  • Chrome hardware
  • Remo heads
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • ‘MICRO KIT’ with bass drum mount and single tom holder
  • 16×12″ BD, 10×7″ TT, 13×12″ FT, 13×4,5″ SD
  • Satin Grey Finish
  • Satin Natural bass drum hoops
  • Satin Natural Snare
  • GB-M264-SG
  • Cymbals and hardware excluded


Brooklyn, New York and Gretsch Drums are deeply rooted in history. Since 2012 the Brooklyn series has breathed new life into the unmistakeable sound created in Brooklyn back in 1883 – the modern version of “That Great Gretsch Sound”. A classic warm and full sound, while being more open and maintaining significant punch. 6-ply maple/poplar shells with a 30° bearing edge, Gretsch ‘Silver Sealer’ inner shell alloy and ‘302’ hoops are the basis for a very individual sound character.

Made in Ridgeland, South Carolina, the series is available in 5 configurations as well as 6 classic Nitron and 6 Satin finishes. Further single shells and snare drums can be ordered additionally.