Larsen Violin strings IL CANNONE Set medium


The latest development from Larsen
Known for its richness of sound in the low frequencies and its incredible power in the upper frequencies, “Il Cannone” is the name of Niccolò Paganini’s violin
These sound characteristics were the inspiration for the new string from Larsen
Available in many versions in terms of sound and tension:
Medium offers an open, colourful, rich sound at moderate string tension
Soloist achieves a fuller tone with more brilliance and focus at higher tension
The A strings are also available in the Warm &amp
Broad and Direct &amp
Focused sound variants
The D and G strings are available in the sound variants Direct &amp
Set E Steel (with detachable ball-end), A Alu und D+G Silver
Tensions: Medium 22.6 kg/49.20 lbs
Soloist 24.5 kg/53.9 lbs

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