Augustine Strings for classic guitar Classic Label Set Blue


Augustine produces 4 different series of classical guitar strings
The best known Classic sets (black, gold, red and blue) have identical nylon trebles in normal tension, the sets differ in the different tensions of the wound bass strings (black = low, gold = medium, red = medium, blue = high). This logic is continued in all subsequent series.
All strings marked GOLD have a gold-coloured winding of brass-plated copper bass strings in medium-low tension
Classic Blue Label normal/high tension
Standard treble strings in normal tension
Silver-plated bass strings in high tension
Diameter and tension:
E1 normal: .028″/0.71mm, 7.81kg/17.21lbs
H/B2 normal: .032″/0,81mm, 5,84kg/12.88lbs
G3 normal: .040″/1.01mm, 5.56kg/12.25lbs
D4 high: .0305″/0.77mm, 7.44kg/16.41lbs
A5 high: .036″/0.91mm, 7.149kg/16.75lbs
E6 high: .045″/1.14mm, 7.21kg/15.89lbs

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