GEWA Viola Allegro 39,5 cm


Back and sides made of solid EUROPEAN MAPLE
Red-brown natural resin varnish
Hand varnish
Inserted purfling
Ebony fittings
Original Aubert bridge, pre-adjusted
Wittner fine tuning tailpiece (optional
see above)
Thomastik-Infeld AlphaYue-strings (optional
see above)
Ebony chin rest
Rosin (optional
see above)
Massaranduba / Carbon bow with natural hair (optional
see above)
Viola form case or Viola oblong case with screw-attached cover, rucksack straps and reflector strips (optional
see above)
Minimal colour variation possible due to hand-varnished treatment
Not set up: without label
all other options with label
If generally “without label”, please inform

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