GEWA Made in Germany Digital piano UP 360 G Rosewood

1 323,00  (9 968,14 kn)

Made in Germany
Optimised for digital sound generation, piano samples based on a Steinway D274 with more than 1 BG of memory
New USER CALIBRATION TOOL for fine-tuning keyboard behaviour
Graded Hammer “Concert Pianist” keyboard, 88 keys in weighted zones with Ivory Touch surface
Sound generation based on the newest DSP and memory technology
Library with more than 30 sounds and 128 additional GM sounds
256 voice polyphony
Key-Off Samples
Simulation of string resonance
16 savable sound settings
Editable effects in 2 independent effect blocks
5 reverb effects, 5 modulation effects
Metronome with click and pre-selectable rhythms
LCD Matrix display with 128 x 64 dots
2 Channel recording function
4 hand mode
Split / Layermöglichkeit
Learning function for beginners
MP3 playback via USB stick
BLUETOOTH audio unit
Class D amplifier with customised speaker system
Connections: MIDI in/out, AUX in/out
2 headphone connections
USB to host / USB to device
Traditional cabinet design
Keyboard lid
3 pedals
Dimensions L x W x H in mm: 1434 x 420 x 865 (1025)
Weight: 55 kg


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