GEWA Made in Germany Violin case Idea 2.0 4/4

1 142,08  (8 605,00 kn)

  • Made in Germany
  • Shell made of 80 % Hi-Tech carbon fibre fabric
  • Weight ca. 2,0 kg
  • Padded suspension system
  • GEWA patented swivel-type holder
  • Flexible bow holder
  • Protection blanket
  • Accessory pocket
  • 2 detachable Neoprene rucksack straps to be worn crosswise
  • Exterior carbon fibre titanium
  • Attached music sheet bag
  • Interior velour padding black


The Idea violin case, virtually the bodyguard of the instrument, has rapidly become the favourite of many a musician. A purely functional approach is the formula for success of this case. Its beautiful shape with high gloss surface testify the taste of the musician, completed by a high-quality and practical interior.

hrough the 4-point system of the rucksack mounting, the rucksack straps must be worn cross-wise. This results in a higher carrying comfort and a stabilisation of the case while carrying.

Titanium, a Carbon/Fiberglass combination with a breathtaking look, highest protection with German precision combination locks with an extremely low weight.. Elisabeth Pitcaim’s and Mira Wang’s choice for their invaluable Stradivari instruments.