Thomastik-Infeld Thomastik Strings For Viola Nylon core Set 4/4


ALPHAYUE = Greek / Chinese, means “First contact with music”
Very inexpensive entry-string with synthetic core
Legendary Thomastik-quality at attractive price
Nylon core strings for the price of steel strings
G- and C-strings wound with Monel, a highly corrosion-resistant natural alloy. Ideal for musicians who perspire heavily but suffer from a nickel allergy.
Easy response and effortless modulation
Exclusively available in medium
4/4 Viola, Scale 375mm / 14.8“
Medium tension
A-String carbon-steel core with detachable ball, 8.1kg/18.8lbs
D-String synthetic core, chrome steel-wound, 6.1kg/13.6lbs
G-String synthetic core, monel-wound, 5.6kg/12.3lbs
C-String synthetic core, monel-wound, 5.6kg/12.3lbs
Set 25.4kg/57.0lbs

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