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Frequency response 38 – 120Hz ±3dB
32 – 120Hz ±6dB
Internal DSP presets
      High pass Mode 1 70Hz
      High pass Mode 2 100Hz
      High pass Mode 3 120Hz

Max. SPL 136dB

Directivity Omni directional | Cardioid configurations

Transducer One 18” Cone with 4″ voice-coil

Power handling AES RMS/peak 1400W / 2800W

Acoustical Principal Hybrid
Amplifier Integrated, 2 powerstages: 2x PWM in bridge mode
   Power Supply SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) with power factor correction (PFC)
   DSP 32-bit, floating point, 192 kHz Sampling frequency
   Filter Technology IIR and FIR filters, delay adjustments, contour filters and x-over presets

Power input/loop-through powerCON in/out 110-240V 50-60Hz
Signal input/loop-through XLR3-F and XLR3-M Analog/AES-EBU autoswitch
RJ45 Ethernet 1G T Base for Dante™ and KS AUDIO Remote Control with loop-through

Dimensions (H x W x D) 580 x 580 x 720 mm
22.7 x 22.7 x 28.2”

Weight 57 kg
135 lb
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The CPD WH belongs to the new generation of subwoofers that have been tuned to the modern demands of contemporary sound reinforcement. Despite its compact size, it produces an impressive, powerful and dry bass that never lacks musicality.

The loudspeaker cabinet is a hybrid principle, both vented and front-loaded, using a single 18″ chassis and delivering performance of the highest quality.

A special feature of the CPD WH is its extremely durable 18″ speaker chassis with long excursion, 100 mm voice coil and reinforced cone.
Also special is the method of sound displacement.

“The air volume behind the membrane forms a resonance chamber with the reflection tunnel. This increases the radiation impedance (resistance) in the range of the resonance frequency and so the efficiency and damping at the rear of the loudspeaker.
The the reflection tunnel opens into an air volume (chamber) in front of the membrane, which also increases the radiation impedance there for higher frequencies.
At the same time, the flow velocity from the bass reflex tunnel is reduced in this area by means of the shape of this chamber, which greatly reduces air noise.

This very clever design increases efficiency and sound quality, especially below 40 Hz, where compact designs often require drastic electronic correction for a smooth frequency response down to the sub-bass range.”

The small size of the CPD WH makes it particularly suitable for locations where space on and around the stage is limited. In addition, the CPD WH is the right subwoofer to fly as a low extension of the CPD LINE and the CPD LINE AC

The integrated C-Flyware enables safe stacking and rigging of multiple
CPD WHs but also directly connects to the CPD LINE and CPD LINE AC. Three CPD WH subwoofers stacked on top of each other provide the right height for stacking CPD 1214 fullrange systems or groundtack line arrays.

Great emphasis was placed on high transmission quality, simplest operation and handling.

The power module of the CPD WH consists of a switched-mode power supply with Power-Factor-Correction, two powerful Class D amplifiers in bridge-mode provide 1.400Wrms (2.5kW peak) to the 18” chassis.
The DSP is fully digital and equipped with FIR filters that are precisely tuned and measured on the bass driver and its enclosure as a complete system. The filter controls; cross-over modes, frequency curve and limiter.
The CPD WH can easily be adjusted to the room via the digital operating menu on the back or remotely via KS AUDIO own remote software.

The symmetrical input has XLR F+M connectors. There are 2 channels available, so that the bass content from a stereo signal can be reproduced via a single mono woofer. Another special feature is the automatic recognition and changeover of a pending digital audio signal according to AES/EBU standard or using the Ethercon DANTE™ protocol. Apart from the power switch, the following additional control elements are available: buttons for “sensitivity” for individual adaptation to the operating site, for delay settings in m and ms, low-pass filter or selection of the digital audio channel. The settings are clearly legible on self- luminous displays.

Further settings, such as a parametric equalizer, can be downloaded and saved via integrated Ethernet switch by the KS REMOTE software.


Up to six CPD WH can be flown at the CP RIG. The picture shows a typical cardioid setup. Also stacked, CPD WHs are securely coupled with the fly-ware to provide a stable base for KS AUDIO Line Array’s CPD LINE and full-range loudspeakers such as the CPD 1214.

The light-coloured connection panels with black printing were chosen deliberately. They are therefore easy to read, even in the dark.