2 720,82  (20 500,02 kn)


Flexible amplified controlled subwoofer

 •   Transducers  1x 18″ cone 4″ voice-coil
 •   SPL max  134dB
 •   Integrated electronics  6-channel amplifier with FIRTEC™  DSP
 •   Directivity  Omni directional
 •   Bandwidth  38-120Hz ±3dB |  32-120Hz ±6dB
 •   Weight  40kg | 88 lbs
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the CB 18 represents the core of SAT and SESSION systems. The two mid-high range amplifier channels operate two C 1 in SAT mode, or in SESSION mode one C 12 in in bridge-mode operation – for highest sound pressure and precision!

Switching between these modes is done automatically as soon as the controller recognizes a connected C 12.

A second passive C W18 woofer can be operated as an extension on a second integrated power stage in SAT (stereo) or SESSION (mono) mode. Depending on the selected setting, the extra woofer channel becomes a loop-through of the left/mono input (for SESSION) or the right channel (for SAT).

The DSP controller processes analog signals up to 20dBv as well as digital AES format, switchover is done automatically. For the C 1 and C 12 systems, special FIR filters were programmed to achieve a linear-phase and impulse-response. All manually operated functions and additional filters can be controlled via USB by the KS REMOTE3 software.

The 2000Wrms amplifier is embedded in the woofer cabinet in such a way that an easily accessible inclined front panel is formed on which the control elements do not protrude. This also ensures that the cooling for the three 2-channel PWM power stages can operate smoothly, which corresponds to the request of many customers not to use active cooling to avoid disturbing fan noise.

CB 18 – Always perfectly tailored to your needs